The Floating Restaurant

The Floating Restaurant is not only a famous restaurant, but it is also situated close to River Kwai Bridge, Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenes of the River Kwai Bridge in the restaurant. The Floating Restaurant is easy to find because it is situated almost next to the River Kwai Bridge. Its entrance is decorated with plants and there is staircase down to floating raft area. This restaurant is relatively large and open air style.
Telephone : 034-512-595
Service Day : Every Day
Service hours: 9 am.-10 pm.

Keeretara Reataurant

A Balinese-Thai inspired restaurant that offers a wide selection of scrumptious dished Nothing beats the views in this restaurant which lies along the most beautiful stretch of historical River Kwai. The visitors can see the views of the Bridge and enjoy their meals.
Telephone : 094-624093
Service Day : Everyday
Service Hours : 11 am.-23 pm.

Loft Restaurant & Bar

Welcoming, Loft Restaurant & Bar When arriving dining places, expect and want to feel immediately. Decorated with luxurious furniture but it is easy on the eye. Loft sits on the bank of River Kwai ,So you can see the River Kwai Bridge clearly.
Telephone : 034-513-000
Service Day : Everyday
Service Hours : 5 pm.-11 pm.

River Kwai Park Market

A short 2 minute walks from the River Kwai Bridge , It’s attraction the visitors to shopping . We well know in the Gem Sapphire Center. It is not only Gem and Sapphire in there but also foods, drinks and clothes etc. Then it is opposite the Jeath War Museum Kanchanaburi, there is the histroical place to show you about history during World War 2.