Lek Phochana

Located on Provincial Highway 3229, the restaurant has been opened for over 20 years, serving very delicious a-la-cart meals plus rice-and-curry dishes including Gaeng Pa and red curry. There are over 30 dishes on the menu. Recommended dishes feature the delicious Asian redtail catfish or Pla Kang in different styles of cooking e.g. Tom Yam (fish in sour and spicy soup), Phad Cha (stir-fried spicy fish), Gaeng Pa (fish in curry with no coconut milk) and Luak Chim (steamed fish with spicy dipping source).
Open from 8 am – 5 pm daily.
Telephone: 089 911 8389

Khrua Lang Khao Restaurant

Located on Provincial Highway 3229 at Ban Kao, the restaurant has a cool and pleasant environment with gazebos from different table zones, perfect for dining leisurely and informally. The restaurant has been opened for over 20 years, having regular customers who are both Thais and foreigners, including the local people. There are over 20 dishes on the menu and, most importantly, the female chef here is extremely kind!
Telephone: 086 173 9349